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My name is Lauren McMorrow and I’m currently an undergraduate student attending James Madison University. I am a Media Arts and Design major with a concentration in Advertising and Corporate Communications however, I am also studying Spanish as a minor. cfc8ee_5cfbef2c0747484d8163cf13564fd42d.jpg_srz_666_999_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI came to JMU from New Jersey undeclared with no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue, but after taking a variety of courses I discovered that my dream job would be working as a creative director or conceptualizer for an ad agency. I am very interested and intrigued by all the new interactive forms of media that focus on getting consumers engaged with companies and products. I am currently involved in the advertising club here at JMU and we have recently been putting together a new and improved campaign for our client Snapple. I have learned so much from my peers and all the fascinating ideas they come up with. I love to paint and can also often be found surfing the web looking for cool new recipes to try in the kitchen. Over the past two years I also worked for a local restaurant and pub in my town and was a part of the event coordinating team. I learned a lot about putting together events and utilizing social media as a tool to get in touch with the public. I would definitely like to work with food, or event planning in my future career.


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