Take it in a To-Go Box

As technology has taken over and become almost completely integrated into society’s practices, social media networking sites are something most people encounter at least once on a daily basis. They connect the world and allow people to share their feelings and opinions freely, which is why it has gradually become more and more essential for restaurants and other big businesses to ensure that their social media presence is well-known. It has also become equally as important to ensure that consumers are discussing their brands in a positive way and writing practical and enthusiastic reviews about restaurants. In this day and age a social media presence, or an effective social media campaign has become something that has the potential to make or break and company’s brand, and determine whether a hungry consumer walks into a restaurant, or the restaurant down the street.

With each growing social media platform there are new opportunities for restaurants, that provide a way to generate traffic while also being somewhat cost-effective. Diners are now visiting a multitude of social media and networking sites prior to choosing their dining experience of choice. Some of these sites that were mentioned in previous blog posts include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Of those four sites listed, Instagram has recently been known to be extremely effective in the restaurant world due to its focus on pictures. Many people looking to choose a restaurant like to see what kind of food is being offered prior to making their decision. This is why it has become so important for restaurants to have an easily accessible and recognizable Instagram that is filled with visually appealing and mouthwatering posts.

“Open Computer”


As technology continues to change and improve, it has also become extremely important that restaurants keep up with new internal technology that is slowly changing the dining experience and making it more convenient for customers. In order to ensure that they are making improvements that are appealing to consumers, social media has become a vital tool that provides a direct connection to diners and their desires.

Overall, social media opens up so many doors for the food and restaurant industries if campaigns are executed in an effective way. The allow restaurants to have an online presence in places where most consumers are constantly revisiting, and they also provide a wealth of knowledge regarding consumer buying habits, purchasing decisions, beliefs. There are many social media platforms and that number is growing daily, therefore it is essential that restaurants conduct strong research before choosing with medium or channel they want to use to execute their campaigns. Social media provides restaurants with a connection to their diners like never before, and has the ability to create a presence that is well-known to consumers even after they finish their meals, sign the check, and walk out the door. It may be the difference between a successful restaurant and a failing one.


2 thoughts on “Take it in a To-Go Box

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Social media has proven to be extremely beneficial to the restaurant and food industry. You mentioned that off all of the social media platforms discussed, Instagram seems to be the most effective. I found that Instagram has been just as successful in helping the music industry market, too. It seems like sharing pictures and letting people give immediate feedback in the comments is very beneficial to a company, no matter what industry it is.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to read through everything Leanna! It’s definitely very interesting that the social media platform that seems to work best for the restaurant industry is also equally as effective for the music industry.


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