Turning Clicks into Customers


As discussed in the previous post, initially the goal of a successful social media advertising campaign should be to connect with potential customers and generate conversation about the brand. However the transition from the initial connection to the public, to the actual consumption of a good or use of a service that is being advertised can be challenging. It is difficult to find a balance between what is too much and what isn’t enough. In some cases social media advertising may appear to be intrusive and annoying to consumers leaving them with a sour opinion towards a specific brand if they to feel as if the company is disrupting their online activities. In other cases, too little can result in consumers overlooking the brand and the advertisements, further leaving them with no opinion and no chance of discussion with other consumers. Overall, whether good or bad, online and social media marketing is far more likely to generate legitimate customers for the restaurant industry than traditional media has in the past.

Ad Clicks vs. Click-Through Rates:

Ad clicks are directly related to the click-through rate, yet the click-through rate simply signifies the amount of consumers that initially clicked on the ad after being exposed to it. On the other hand, ad clicks provide restaurants with proof of behavioral responses from consumers after viewing the ad. The wants, needs, desires, and drives of consumers play a huge role in their choice to simply click-through an ad on their social media feed, or respond to it. As a result, it is extremely important that restaurants know everything they possibly can about their target audience and what motivates them. Any business has the ability to create a Facebook profile, set up an Instagram account, or start tweeting any day in a matter of minutes. The challenge is to generate a brand following that is meaningful and valuable in both purpose and size. Although having a big following can be helpful, if none of them are genuinely interested in the brand or willing to react to the ads laid in front of them the sheer size of the following may not be effective. It is important to see how social media marketing draws customers into the restaurant, if they are viewing the ads, but never coming in they are not doing their job. In order to turn your potential customers clicks into commerce, restaurants must challenge the public in ways that draw them into their restaurant and force them to engage with the media.


2 thoughts on “Turning Clicks into Customers

  1. Way to touch on the click-through rate we discussed in class. It’s interesting how one little change in where someone clicks can create completely different data. This post reminded me of the saying “quality over quantity.” You can have millions of followers on a social media platform, but it doesn’t matter one bit unless those followers are engaged. That’s the caveat about social media; the posts need to be interesting in unique in order to generate responses. If a restaurant’s posts are boring and don’t attract consumers, they will learn to just scroll past it and eventually unfollow.


  2. It is definitely important that the information restaurants post will grab the attentions and trigger the tastebuds of consumers so they will react in some way. Clicking through is not effective its the actions they take after viewing the ads or posts that is essential.


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