Social Media is Your Oyster

The media landscape is continuing to adapt to the changing world around us and as a result, big businesses have been forced to consider social media as an effective mechanism for interacting with customers. To ensure they are taking advantage of the power of this medium, businesses have increased their budgets regarding social media and have focused their time and workforce towards these types of campaigns.

Firm Generated Content:

This type of social media content that is generated and made public by corporations themselves can be referred to as “Firm-Generated Content (FGC),”and it has had a growing effect on consumer buying habits and purchasing decisions. This information

“Typing on a Computer”

is huge for the restaurant industry because it shows that although many consumers value the online opinions of their peers on rating sites and other social media
platforms, the material that is being generated by restaurants and food distributors is equally as impactful. This content can range from television spots to e-mail marketing and everything in between, and is most widely accepted among the technologically savvy community.



What Does the Customer Want?:

One of the biggest things restaurants need to remember when coming up with ideas for social media campaigns or sharing content is the idea that it’s all about the wants and desires of the customers. The goal of social media advertising should not be solely to force a product or service upon the public or to generate traffic throughout the restaurant. Initially, the goal should be to generate conversation among past and future customers about the brand. It is extremely important to include both engagement and conversion components in a social media campaign. The engagement component refers to posts that are simply interesting and appealing to viewers, and will initially catch their attention. The conversion component then follows up by encouraging consumers to take action by participating in an online promotion or possibly coming to the restaurant to redeem an offer that was presented to online followers, for example daily specials.

If Your Restaurant Was a Person, Who Would it Be?:

It is also essential that restaurants posting have a distinct personality or voice to their brand when posting. If the posts are unique and quirky, consumers will then easily have the ability to distinguish each dining experience from one another. They hopefully will also by able to differentiate consumer-generated content posted by their peers from the firm-generated content that is more strategic and directed toward a target audience. This can generate an online presence for the brand that is more relatable for potential customers and effortlessly memorable.


2 thoughts on “Social Media is Your Oyster

  1. You’re right- it is all about the wants and desires of customers. The person in charge of social media might have a favorite dish on the menu, but he or she needs to put this aside and advertise what the consumer is most likely to drool over. Data needs to be used in order to find out what this desire might be. Looking at social media analytics- which posts have the most likes, comments, etc., can make it easier to find out what your consumer is looking for. Your section on restaurants having a distinct personality reminds me of our section on identity. If a restaurant has an identity, there is probably a greater chance that it will attract a following!


  2. I’m so glad you recognized the identity aspect of the post because that it is a huge part of what makes each restaurant different from one another and what will draw customers through their doors. Consumer wants and desires should for sure be the main focus of any campaign and it is important that the restaurants conduct research as to what these wants and desires are prior to launching or creating buzz about the campaign.


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